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Winter Vibes – Right House?

As we snuggle up to our 4th blanket, scramble for our long johns and warm via that cuppa soup, we must ask ourselves, are we living with the best people?

Winter migration is still possible at next week’s free event – Speed Renting!

Leaseholders interview roomseekers for about 3 minutes, then we ring the bell and you get to chat to another possible house vibe aficionado.

This is the time to ask what their fave soup is? What is their favourite energy saving move (cheaper bills)? How comfy is their couch?

Make sure you register by visiting the website where you can choose your preferred time. This will help us match people with times.

We have moved to the inner north as this is where roomseekers are demanding places to live. The supply-side will follow.

We will be holding Speed Renting on the 4th Tuesday of the month, so book this into your thinking.

Venue: The Comfortable Chair, 98 Lygon St (north – not the main Lygon St restaurant area but further north where the hipsters hang).

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