Vanuatu’s Sovereignty Surrendered

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How independence was never intended to mean freedom

When: Thurs April 30th, 6.30 for 6.45pm start
Who: Karl Fitzgerald, Earthsharing Australia Project Coordinator and 3CR’s Renegade Economist.
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Vanuatu means ‘Eternal Land’.

However, our recent visit to these idyllic lands revealed a dark side to the beauty surrounding such a community. Economic policy is out of kilter with the Treasure Island type mentality that wealthy speculators abuse in quoting Vanuatu as the ‘World’s Happiest People’. The free lunch prerogative of the vested interests has the indigenous people of Vanuatu, the ni-Van’s, battling for food in a bounty-ful land .

We returned from Vanuatu in tears at the destruction economic policy was causing. Both working people and capitalists themselves are subservient to the forces that have brought the world economy to it’s knees. We were chased off world heritage land developments by shady property sharks but yet lauded by people in the street for bringing understanding to the economic imperative that land demands.

Australia’s reputation in the Pacific has scarcely been lower. We are facing the likelihood of more Fiji-like revolutions with the current tax policy recommendations of the World Bank, IMF and ANZUS dominating the Pacific.

Foreign aid will be forensically examined and the keynesian limitations discussed during the presentation. We must find a new model for community development. Earthsharing Australia will be discussing this new model within the confines of the projects undertaken with ‘ni-NGO’.

ni-NGO is a ni-Van run NGO that Earthsharing Australia has helped set up. If this model is successful, we will set up Earthsharing Pacific to give both DIY self-support at the micro level, and tax advice at the macro level throughout the Pacific.

Come and hear about the trials and tribulations of one of the world’s most beautiful locations, the progress we have made so far and our outline to assist ni-Van’s regain control over their most precious resource – the land on which they are meant to stand.

Where: Level 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Entry: gold coin donation – all funding goes towards ni-NGO
Drinks and nibbles to follow
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3 Comments on “Vanuatu’s Sovereignty Surrendered”

  1. i think vanuatu is on the spot for many investor that come around for development since land pricing is cheaper than any way in the world as we can find in the happiest place,which the main economic factor that contribute is World’s Happiest People. If the people are happiest and the land has no sovereinty of been protected from development.However people will be happy to give thier land for other to used, but it leads to desruction to it and will bring saddness to the people in the future development. This is real fact cause the environment gives the air human inhale and gives the smile, but if the land which hold on the environment are disturbed by man made. Then we will get hold of what been done as sovereinty has surrender.

  2. Thanks Jimmy for your comment. Lets keep talking about a way for both today and tomorrow’s people to benefit from realistic development. I wonder how that greedy developer is going over on the former swamp lands at Mele? Economic policy can help without millions of rules.

  3. I wonder which is worse? Letting a child die of malaria from mosquitos in swamp lands?.. Or killing an eco system that inter alia breeds these insects? I vote for the child.

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