Melbourne Social Forum workshops this weekend

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Rebooting Economics as if People and Planet mattered
This Saturday 3.45pm at the Melbourne Social Forum, CERES Park, Brunswick in the Training Room

Learn the language of the powerful so we can turn market forces around to our advantage. There is a way that greens can discuss economics in a manner that is attractive to genuine businessmen. Learn some of the problems to bailout economics and help build the knowledge-base for the Next Economy, an Earth Rights Democracy. Karl Fitzgerald from the Renegade Economists and Earthsharing Australia will host this lively workshop.

Activalia 303, 3.45pm Sunday April 17th, in the Global Village, Africa

A gathering of hardy activists share tactics on what works and what doesn’t in the information marketplace for social justice. Campaign planning, strategic thinking and looking to the future. Sina Brown-Davis, Karl Fitzgerald and hopefully YOU.

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