Speed Renting Tues March 17th

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Are you frustrated with the search for affordable rentals????

Speed Renting is set to save renters of all ages, international and local students from sleep crumpin! Thousands of international students have hit Oz in the last month and stories abound of dodgy real estate sharks charging double the market rate for a crumpled corner of an over crowded lounge room (not even a bedroom!).

Meanwhile thousands of houses lie vacant.

Step into the breach – Speed Renting! Whilst we can’t force these speculative vacancies onto the market, we can assist you in finding the best possible housemates. Here roomseekers can meet householders directly and both sides get to suss out each other over 3 minutes of chatter. Benefit from 30 plus opportunities to find the right place with the right people at the right price.

Tues March 17th
6pm – 9pm
The Order of Melb (opp RMIT), 2/ 401 Swanston St, CBD

Registration is ESSENTIAL so we can fit in as many people as possible

Best of all – it’s FREE. Please forward this link onwards and upwards.

happy house hunting (with a drink in hand),
the Earthsharing team

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