Obama’s surface commentary on bankers

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Max Keiser sums it up in rapid-fire succession:

So let me get this straight. Banking elite, and other government insiders, defrauded savings accounts, pension funds, charitable funds and municipal funds here and around the globe by trading in worthless financial instruments; they manipulated markets and destroyed legitimate businesses along the way; and THEN, when that wasn’t enough, they plundered the public purse in the chaos and panic surrounding the crash that they themselves caused.

And the President asks them to kindly refrain from buying new carpet?

These people are not titans. These people are racketeers. And should be treated accordingly. Or at the very least, not be invited to sit in on privileged government meetings determining bailout policy that they then profit from!

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As the more than US$2 trillion in bailout money (TALF & Geithner plan) fail to bounce the market for more than a few days, one wonders when we will see a deep-rooted policy change?

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