Rudd’s Carbon Cop Out

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Still in shock at the ALP’s audacious handout to the nation’s biggest polluters, we thought it time to broach a few of the details hidden within the 824 page Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) White Paper. Billions of dollars of the commons is proposed to be given away by the climate scheme. Permanent and inalienable carbon permits will be handed … Read More

Renegade Economists Podcast 67

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photo credit: madaboutasia Carbon Catchcry: this hour long special is our last formal show of the year, with an interview of Anna Rose (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) on Rudd’s filthy 5%. Also international guest Fred Foldvary discusses the insides to the GFC and what could be really done if politics was for people not cronies. How many policy papers will … Read More

Compromise Kev on Climate Change

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photo credit: net_efekt Yesterday’s long awaited emissions trading white paper has left the future of the planet compromised. The compromises on the 5% cut to greenhouse emissions typifies a government torn between lobbyists feathering their nests and the public’s wrestling of the issues via the omnipresent public opinion polls. The trade-offs have been so extensive that no one is happy. … Read More

2008 I Want to Live Here report release

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Media Release Housing Shortage in Inner City a Myth 2,317 properties have been found empty in central Melbourne during Australia’s worst ever housing crisis. Read the Full Report (PDF 432kb) “The 2008 I Want to Live Here report has found a 7% genuine vacancy rate in the inner city as compared to the much publicised 0.9% vacancy rate. The reported … Read More

Bailing Out the Wealth Gap

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photo credit: kimberlyfaye Karl Fitzgerald Around the world, pubs and bars are full of insightful conversations, democracy at work grass roots style, as we try to make sense of the global financial meltdown. 19/10/08 “From neo-liberalism to neo-handouts, the pyramid purveyors know how to baffle the masses” scowled Maxxy. With the financial meltdown moving at a rate of knots, policy … Read More