The Entrance Fee to Life & Palin’s Potential

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Miss Congeniality Wows the GOP Convention
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The ability to charge rent is in effect imposing an entrance fee to life on this planet. Having a wise old supporter in George Jukes placating the office over the last few days, we were reminded of the wisdom of Roots Revolution stocked deep in the vaults of this website. Written in 1985, Steve Wall unravels the entrance fee to life in this eloquent article.

Equal & Inalienable Rights to the Earth was superbly presented by Dr Terry Dwyer in his Henry George Commemoration speech this week. Make sure you sit down with a good cuppa to read this.

And on this topic of rights, one’s political stance is often tested. Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and new Republican VP candidate, has written of the improvements she has made to Alaska’s resource rental system, closing off many loopholes. Will she be able to curb the influence of Big Oil amongst the Republican elite of ‘rich white guys’? Let’s hope so because sharing the rent of the earth enables us all to have a little dignity in our place on the planet.

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  1. I wonder if the Republicans actually know what she has done with the resource rentals system. Probably not, given their apparently limited vetting system…

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