House Hunt Put in Focus

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House hunt put in focus – Leader News: Melbourne community news

The I Want to Live Here Film competition has made the Leader Newspaper throughout Western Melbourne. Concern over affordability and the lack of deep seated analysis leaves young people no option but to tell the real story.

Laura Zeeman says:

It is not really fair the previous generations were able to afford to buy homes, so this (competition) is bringing it to the forefront.

“I also think some parents don’t appreciate how hard it is to buy a home.”

Co-ordinator Karl Fitzgerald said the film competition was started to put the bigger issues of housing affordability into the public forum.

“The reduction in council rates and land taxes are big issues they are the most efficient ways to fund government, but they are taxes people can’t avoid, so that’s why it gets shot down in the press so often,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

“Generally we just wanted any renters to be able to tell their story on what’s going on out in the rental queues and the dark bedrooms we have to dwell in.

“For us it was quite shocking to see there were, according to the 2006 Census, 119,623 empty homes in Melbourne.”

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