Annual Dinner – Our 117th!

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117th Henry George Annual Dinner
Tues Sept 2nd

Equal and Inalienable Rights to the Earth

— Ground, Water and Air: when and how should one allow Enclosing the Commons?

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This year we are fortunate to have Dr Terry Dwyer deliver the Commemorative Address. As a highly respected Resource Economist, Terry has chosen this year’s topic based on the omnipresence of resource privatisation. With water trading spreading in influence and Carbon Trading soon to be in operation, this address will be highly relevant to today’s hot topics.

Terry Dwyer is a visiting Fellow, National Centre for Development Studies, Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management, Australian National University. He is also a practicing lawyer.

This is a very special event on our calendar and has been held annually in Melbourne since 1897. Henry George was a highly influential economist at the turn of the 20th century who took the writings of Classical Economists to their logical conclusion: simplify business and community life by capturing most of the value the community and business create. He saw this value reflected in higher land values and controversially found that such land value appreciation could fund the abolition of all other taxes.

As this event is a Dinner, bookings in advance are important. We would like to have all bookings by Friday 29th August if possible via office at Price of the meal will be $15 which is paid when ordering. We will gather at around 6.30pm with meals preferably ordered by 6.45.

The venue that we have chosen for this event is the Pumphouse Hotel, 128 Nicholson St, Fitzroy. It is a very attractive venue, perfect for some deep rooted discussion. See this map for locational detail.

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