Economic Rehab: Scarcity

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Tohm Curtis continues his slightly sarcastic economics 101 series photo credit: technicolorcavalry The most common constraint on fulfillment of wants is time. I cannot write this post, and go to the beach and swim. I have to do one or the other in that same portion of time. There are only so many days I am alive, I have to … Read More

Creative Capitalism – the latest buzzword

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photo credit: ArtBrom Bill Gates Davos speech on Creative Capitalism has spurred an interesting array of online debate. Gates essentially re-branded Corporate Social Responsibility within the speech, outlining how corporations serve themselves and society best by considering the wider ramifications of their activities. Speaking as the world economy crashes like Microsoft OS, Gates proclaimed: I like to call this idea … Read More

Economic Rehab :Lesson 1 – Economics

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photo credit: mhalon as according to Tohm Curtis a new series outlining why Economic Rehab is crucial What does ‘Economics’ mean…there’s some confusion as to whether it is a science or a philosophy? Wikipedia can provide some insight into the history of economics. I think though that maybe the simple starting point is: Economics is the study of reality. Okay … Read More

BHP Record Profits and 4 Corners Money Pit

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photo credit: BK59 Last night saw the media highlight two essential points. On the same day that BHP announced it’s fifth consecutive record profit of $17.8 billion for the year, 4 Corners discussed how high land and housing prices in the mining town of Port Headland were strangling the community. Both media pieces overlooked the fundamental role of the community … Read More

Baby Boomers Rule Property Market

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… jumps the headline on p3 of today’s Business Age. As we prepare to head off to the Baby Boomers Expo this weekend, we are armed with even more data on generational inequity. It may be just that little bit harder to bite our tongues as we go undercover, deep into the bowels of consumerism, as we attempt to raise … Read More