The Village Green, Urban Sprawl and Affordability

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Andrew Sadauskas It was a cold Thursday morning when I set out on my quest. My mission? To find the heart of Melbourne’s housing affordability and traffic problems. My quest took me to the middle of Melbourne’s great southeastern sprawl, which now stretches as far as Pakenham. After a morning spent hunting for it on Melbourne’s public transport, I reached … Read More

Amend UN Human Rights

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Ammend the UN Human Rights by signing this petition. The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights is failing humankind. Indeed it’s failing planet Earth itself. The evidence is everywhere: a billion citizens live and die on a dollar a day; people lack control over their own community’s resources; terrorism, war and unrest threaten everyone; the planet’s future is imperiled … Read More

Farm Land Grab, Managed Investment Schemes & Monopoly Capitalism

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‘Corporate Raiders Eye Rural Australia’ drills the The Weekly Times headline (June 18, 2008). With the Macquarie Pastoral Fund having $1billion in it’s pastoral investment kitty and PrimeAg having invested $225million since December 07, the 3.8% of Victorian agricultural land in corporate hands is tipped to rapidly escalate. Concerned readers of George Monbiot’s Small Is Bountiful article last week will … Read More

Oil Wealth feeds Higher Land Prices

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Moscow property market soars, driven by oil wealth states: As prices slump in the United States and elsewhere, Russia is wrapping up a year of an extraordinary, oil-driven real estate boom. Moscow, for instance, now ranks as the fourth-most-expensive city in the world for office space, trailing only London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, according to some surveys. Over in oil … Read More

Reconciliation and the Consciousness Gap

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Andrew Sadauskas It would be a gross understatement to point out that there is a significant gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. Following the introduction of the Northern Territory Intervention, as well as commitments made by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson following the Apology to the Stolen Generations, this gap has become a question of significant … Read More