The Comics of Economics

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The Comics of Economics
– featuring Ross Ashcroft
7pm, Thursday January 10th, Melbourne CBD

In need of some FREE comedy to get your year on the roll?

Start the year laughing at the tightrope we walk juggling our finances. Ever wondered why it’s so difficult? Internationally acclaimed comedian Ross Ashcroft will take the mickey out of the structural reasons for our trials and tribulations, helping us laugh at the big picture causes. Ever wanted to laugh at why the top 10% own 80% of the planet and how little we address this core issue?

Ross has performed at Edinburgh’s Comedy Festival and runs a comedy club in London. Must see, must laugh, must think!

Drinks and cheap eats available.

Free entry. See you there! Venue: Horses Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne (between Elizabeth & Queen). Melway reference (43 G7). For regulars, go the the northern end of Hardware Lane, turn left and it’s three doors up the hill on left.

***thanks to all who attended Frank de Jong’s highly successful ‘Tools of Sustainability’ Tour. Read about it and watch him in action.

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