True Cost Economics

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The 2006 Forum was a great success with organisers excited by the turnout on the day. Alanna Hartzok’s powerpoint presentation on an extensive form of Green Tax Shifting can be downloaded. The 2007 TCE Forum will be held in mid July, featuring Frank De Jong, leader of the Ontario (Canada) Greens.

The True Cost Economics forum is attempting to link the industries of Science, Insurance and Economics together. Science is leading the way with the evidence of Global Warming. The rapidly increasing cost of Insurance is alerting us of the dangers to ignoring nature’s law. Economics needs to direct the behaviour of consumers towards looking after the planet.

A new economic paradigm is needed to ensure a liveable planet is left for future generations. It has been over 120 years since the last economic paradigm change to Neo Classical Economics (NCE). The previous change was 110 years before that, when Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations and Classical Economics was born.

The concern with most moves towards a green economic system is the inflationary effect eco-taxes add. Alanna Hartzok from the Earth Rights Institute (USA) will discuss how this pressure can be reduced and why the UN HABITAT is so interested in her work.

Whilst much of the scientific world has provided evidence of the problems associated with Global Warming, it is up to progressive thinkers to start pushing the solutions to some of these problems.


1. To hold a 1 Day public forum promoting the need for a transition towards a True Cost Economic system. It is the best way we can attempt to keep up with the changing climate of this modern world.
2. Provide clear evidence of how quickly & effectively economics affects behaviour.
3. Demonstrate how Science may be able to help in valuing
a. watershed’s and other present day intangibles
ie the value of a tree
4. Encourage Insurance to lobby for a new economic paradigm by offering lower premiums to those environmentally active.
5. Demonstrate how a comprehensive True Cost Economic system can prioritise the earth’s living systems and simultaneously free small business from the shackles of paperwork and prohibitive rents.


  • Alanna Hartzok (Earth Rights Institute, USA)
  • Dr Ian McPhail (Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability)
  • Associate Professor Frank Fisher (Nat. Centre for Sustainability)
  • Kenneth Davidson, (Journalist, The Age)
  • Francis Grey (Economist at Large)
  • Jose Ramos (Centre for Social change Research, QUT)
  • Dominic Gilligan (Sustainable Living Festival)
  • Karl Fitzgerald (Earthsharing Australia)

The Venue:

The National Centre for Sustainabilty, Swinburne, Hawthorn. Enter off Park St (parallel to Burwood Road) and head to Building TD, room TD121. Check map here.


This event will promote the fact that progressives must talk in the language of the market to open the ears of the corridors to power.

The true cost of avoiding such a transition towards responsible economics is quickly becoming apparent. Let’s insure against the power of nature by following the money trail and scientifically re-directing it towards a profitable future for all generations.

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