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Alanna Hartzok & Earth Rights for all

Over 12 talks and 450 plus people heard Alanna’s core message –

“We all have an equal right and a birth right to the Earth. The earth has a biological & ecological right to its future too. We are promoting a new form of property rights where what you build with your own hands, what you labour for, is your private property. You shouldn’t be taxed for something productive you are doing. What we are saying is that the gifts of nature, the land & natural resources of the earth belong to we the people. We all deserve a fair share of the profits from these natural gifts. This is a natural form of public finance policy”

Alanna was kind enough to leave a few of her keynote presentations for us to digest:

Triple Dip Plus – Oz Tour Master file (3MB, powerpoint)
True Cost Economics (2.2MB, powerpoint)

Such a direct description of this system saw Alanna give presentations to Australian Greens leader Bob Brown and the Victorian Greens State Convention. Radio interviews took place on the ABC, 3CR and RRR’s Long Grass Sessions.

RRR Interview – MP3, 15.24m, 14.4MB

Visiting Hobart’s Female Factory in ‘the Valley of Death’ (as it was once known), Alanna was shocked to read of the hardships of women sent to Australia for stealing food. She soon joined the dots. “They didn’t tell the real story, they keep suppressing the real issue, the enclosure of the commons, that’s what led to the petty crime”. Back in the days of the commons, poor or unemployed people could always find something productive to do by ‘working the commons’ by planting their own crop or grazing their herd on the unused (typically the least valuable) land. From these ‘common’ lands enough could be earned to barter with others so that a basic existence could be maintained. Sounds like a human right, yeah?”

Asked about the chances for change in today’s conservative environment, Alanna pointed out “look, imagine when there was slavery, did they ever think they’d get out of it? I mean people were actually saying that slave-holders should be compensated for giving up this ‘right’!!! Strong people said NO, there must be justice and we must move beyond this.”

“Look at women’s suffrage. Women were whipped in jails over raising questions about the right to vote These women must have thought they were in a hopeless position during the depths of those dark nights in jail. But in time they got this policy through, though it’s still not universal.”

“Now in time people will see that an Earth Rights Democracy is the way for true freedom, a true democracy. Do you think the creator planned for life to be this difficult, for some to get free rides and others to be taxed for all their hard work? For the earth to be easy pickings and polluted at the same time?”

“Now you’re not going to fully get this in a one hour lecture, ‘cause you all know how hard it is to look outside the square, especially when we’re conditioned to consider things from a capital versus labour analysis, but be patient. As a young woman I too was concerned with poverty, disease and the indigenous. With this new perspective hopefully now embedded in your outlook, you will see how much of a pivotal issue this is.”

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