G20 Policy Exclusions

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Renegade Economists Show As broadcast on the almighty 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. G20 Policy Exclusions: Gary Flomenhoft (PhD Affiliate, Uni QLD) joins to discuss the G20 world where inclusionary growth, rampant privatisation and a flat earth are fair game for renegade economists. Additional issues include peak oil, tax evasion, corporate control and … Read More

EU’s 11 million empty homes a speculators paradise

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Here at Earthsharing we could argue to be world leaders in the measurement of vacant housing. For 6 years we have quantified vacant housing with the Speculative Vacancy report. For five of those years we have been using water consumption as a proxy for vacant housing. This was a likely inspiration for the Chinese State Grid Power company to use … Read More

How many empty homes this year?

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Thurs Oct 31st, 6.30pm Presenter: Philip Soos 2/22 Punch Lane, CBD RSVP Download the report from our Prosper website. Its time for the 6th annual Speculative Vacancies report. Yes that time where we ask – what could thousands of empty homes do for affordable housing? The tragedy is – few understand how supply and demand work any more. Do a … Read More

Housing shortage questioned again

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With recent doubts on Census data winding in the mainstream opinion on housing shortages (down from 228,000 to now just 23,000) we were pleased to have our 5th Speculative Vacancies report written up by Chris Vedelago on Fairfax’s Domain blog: A study by Earthsharing Australia estimates there are 90,730 vacant properties around the city, enough homes to provide housing for … Read More

Housing Oversupply Evidence Builds

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The Financial Review’s Ben Hurley has revealed an absolute game changer in the age old housing supply debate: Adjusted by Morgan Stanley researchers to allow for a potential census under count, the 228,000-home undersupply becomes a 341,000-home oversupply. This adds to the imperative for better checks and balances in housing supply analysis. Our recent Speculative Vacancies report revealed Melbourne had … Read More