Hudson hints at why speculators are ignored in supply slide debate

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photo credit: hans s Michael Hudson As published in today’s Business Age Opinion section HIGHER land and house prices typically lead to an increased supply of housing. Yet at the peak of Australia’s perennial housing affordability crisis, the Housing Industry Association declared that there would be a 13 per cent fall in housing starts this calendar year, compounding last year’s … Read More

Prof Hudson Tour Charges Ahead

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Seats to Professor Michael Hudson’s presentations (Oct 14 – 27) are filling fast, with major PR next week to fill the remaining spots. The renowned US economist is set to leave ears burning on why a decade of record economic growth has left so many behind. He has 3 presentations in Melbourne next week, followed by Canberra, Sydney and now … Read More

Prof Michael Hudson on Grand Theft Monopoly

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photo credit: Search Engine People Blog Renegade Economist Podcast 96 As broadcast on the mighty – Wednesday July 1st. Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes: Grand Theft Monopoly – Professor Michael Hudson excels in describing globalisation from a financial snipers perspective, analysing how real estate (land) is used in the game of currency siphoning out of Latvia, Eastern Europe … Read More

Michael Hudson – Protecting the 1%

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photo credit: Jesper Särnesjö Renegade Economists Podcast 95 As broadcast on the mighty on Wednesday June 24th. Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes: Protecting the 1%: the grand theft continues as Prof Michael Hudson shines the spotlight on the financial warfare of today. Hear how the $12 trillion financial bailout is non-inflationary and how the pump priming has been … Read More

Hudson – Orwellian Doublethink: “Nationalize the banks.” “Free Markets.”

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Warm up by watching the above, then read the latest from Michael Hudson, who is writing up a storm on the inside motivations to banksters bailouts world-wide. Michael Hudson as published on Global Research Banking shares began to plunge Friday morning after Senator Dodd, the Connecticut Democrat who is chairman of the banking committee, said in an interview with Bloomberg … Read More