Real Estate a Billionaire’s Charity

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Renegade Economists interview April 22nd, 2014 Listen Subscribe to the weekly podcast. Karl Fitzgerald: Michael Hudson – – is back on the 3CR airwaves with an explosive show moving through the incredible wealth gap as outlined by Thomas Piketty. His book is barnstorming the world at the moment. We review it, alongside a bit of Marxist theory as we … Read More

Michael Hudson on Set up to Fail

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Renegade Economists Fifth Birthday – episode 252 Prof Michael Hudson discusses the state of modern economic warfare in a geo-political context. Is democracy dead? A special treat for our fifth birthday. Renegade Economists interview 05.09.2012 Interview with Professor Michael Hudson by Karl Fitzgerald Listen KF: We welcome to the show Professor Michael Hudson, Distinguished Research Professor at the University of … Read More

Economic Rights as Human Rights

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Why Real Estate 4 Ransom has locked up the Great American Dream As published in Op-Ed News The promise of democracy delivers little for those with empty wallets. Genuine freedom will be established when economic rights are entrenched as human rights. Economics is the Greek term for the management of the household. To economise is to get the most for … Read More

Hudson on Growth, Compound Interest

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photo credit: kenteegardin Renegade Economists Podcast 227 Subscribe to the podcast, broadcast from 3CR Recorded March 7th, Listen Behind the EU Bailout Prof Michael Hudson discusses the background to the Greek bailout (just days before it was given another reprieve) and how US interests are of concern. We travel through debt, compound interest, Sumeria to how a Nobel Prize in … Read More