No Land Tax Party of Vested Interests

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Renegade Economists Show 388 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 5.30 – 6pm Wednesdays. Subscribe to the free weekly podcast. Show Notes Vested Interests Party: Chris Martin from the Tenant’s Union of NSW ( discusses the recent NSW election and the push by some sections of the property lobby to remove the one tax they can’t avoid with the No … Read More

Harrison’s Traumatised Society

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Renegade Economists Show 290 As broadcast on 3CR, May 22, 2013 Subscribe to the podcast Listen to the show World leading Georgist author Fred Harrison discusses his new book The Traumatised Society – How to Outlaw Cheating and Save our Society, with topics like the first law of social dynamics, apartheid economics and recalibrating the western mind. Fred was the … Read More

Hartzok: Socialising land rent and untaxing production

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Renegade Economists 286   Alanna Hartzok on Equalizing Labor Rights via Earth Rights by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud   This week we speak with Alanna Hartzok, co-director of the Earth Rights Institute, looking at her experiences at the World Bank Land & Poverty conference. We discuss the paper she presented on Socialising Land Rents, Untaxing Production , exploring the deep history of … Read More

Windfall Welfare

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Planning Minister Matthew Guy has just handed his mates a conservative $420 MILLION dollars. The 7000 hectare expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary is the equivalent to a golden pen tick, turning those who are lucky enough to own land in the right locations into millionaires. Urbis calculates that a $60,000 windfall is delivered to each re-zoned hectare near the … Read More

Sinking Thailand

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Alex Stott I live in Bangkok, Thailand’s exciting, sweaty capital city. A fantastic urban mega jungle containing at least 12 million people, some of the best food in the world and sky scrapers as far as the eye can see. Construction is booming and everything is accelerating skywards and outwards. Office buildings, gigantic air conditioned shopping malls and high rise … Read More