Negative Gearing Too Risky? So Are Property Bubbles…

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The Rudd- Swan government’s flat denial of negative gearing reform proves that modern politics is incapable of dealing with the difficult questions. It was all too risky in an election year. The dreams of working families are set to play second fiddle to the propertied class for years to come. But yet the announced reforms are the most significant tax … Read More

One Handed Housing Supply

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photo credit: Ian Sane On the one hand, the market delivers the best for the least cost. But on the other hand…. few are willing to call it as it is. Yesterday’s National Housing Supply Report used coded language to hint at a ‘possible over-supply of housing’ due to housing investor tax breaks (p50). However the usual suspects were missing … Read More

Drip Drip Land Supply

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photo credit: waferboard Land in Short Supply in Perth The Urban Development Institute says there are currently fewer than 1400 blocks of land for sale in Perth. .. But, the Real Estate Institute believes there are a lot of speculators sitting on land waiting for prices to improve before releasing them for sale. The UDIA is concerned that with 1200 … Read More

2008 I Want to Live Here report release

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Media Release Housing Shortage in Inner City a Myth 2,317 properties have been found empty in central Melbourne during Australia’s worst ever housing crisis. Read the Full Report (PDF 432kb) “The 2008 I Want to Live Here report has found a 7% genuine vacancy rate in the inner city as compared to the much publicised 0.9% vacancy rate. The reported … Read More

Neo Con Land Policy Shot Down

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photo credit: jorel314 Ben Schneiders hit out at the IPA/ Costello push for land supply forever in this cunning article: IT WAS one of the most pernicious of the myths peddled during the 2007 federal election campaign – that state Labor governments were largely to blame for the record low levels of housing affordability and all they needed to do … Read More