The German Housing Mystery

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Renegade Economists podcast 322 & 324 There has been much interest in the German housing miracle. How have they survived the global land ponzi game? Or have they? Listen first to Jess Wright jumpstart the year’s interviews with her insights on recent travels through Scotland and Germany. Listen here Then last week Professor Dirk Loehr took us through the evolution … Read More

Extra Environmentalists: how Real Estate 4 Ransom drives the growth paradigm

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One of the world’s leading podcasts, the Extra Environmentalists, has shown an increasing interest in Georgist economics over recent episodes. I sat on the other side of the fence for once, as the interviewee in Supply Shock – an exciting way to finish 2013. We covered many of the topics I race through on the weekly Renegade Economists podcast, including … Read More

Hartzok: Socialising land rent and untaxing production

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Renegade Economists 286   Alanna Hartzok on Equalizing Labor Rights via Earth Rights by Renegadeeconomists on Mixcloud   This week we speak with Alanna Hartzok, co-director of the Earth Rights Institute, looking at her experiences at the World Bank Land & Poverty conference. We discuss the paper she presented on Socialising Land Rents, Untaxing Production , exploring the deep history of … Read More