Global Haywire Film Night

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The Comics of Economics
– featuring Ross Ashcroft
7pm, Thursday January 10th, Melbourne CBD


In need of some FREE comedy to get your year on the roll?

Start the year laughing at the tightrope we walk juggling our finances. Ever wondered why it’s so difficult? Internationally acclaimed comedian Ross Ashcroft will take the mickey out of the structural reasons for our trials and tribulations, helping us laugh at the big picture causes. Ever wanted to laugh at why the top 10% own 80% of the planet and how little we address this core issue?

Garnaut’s Limitations

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Following the release of this week’s Garnaut report on climate change, much has been made of the exemptions smokestack industries are lining up for. Another handy diversion is the debate over whether India and China wll be involved in any emissions trading system (ETS). Who put the carbon into the atmosphere in the first place? Both are wedge issues that … Read More

Lobbyists linked to Developers

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Today’s important Age article by Royce Millar; Political Donations Linked to Developers, Contractors dissects how those in property or infrastructure dominate Victorian Labor’s cosy Progressive Business fundraising arm. They also dominate the political donations made to political parties. The returns are staggering. The percentage return on donations for Victorian Govt contracts: Leighton – 301% return ABN Amro – 684% return … Read More

The Village Green, Urban Sprawl and Affordability

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Andrew Sadauskas It was a cold Thursday morning when I set out on my quest. My mission? To find the heart of Melbourne’s housing affordability and traffic problems. My quest took me to the middle of Melbourne’s great southeastern sprawl, which now stretches as far as Pakenham. After a morning spent hunting for it on Melbourne’s public transport, I reached … Read More

Amend UN Human Rights

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Ammend the UN Human Rights by signing this petition. The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights is failing humankind. Indeed it’s failing planet Earth itself. The evidence is everywhere: a billion citizens live and die on a dollar a day; people lack control over their own community’s resources; terrorism, war and unrest threaten everyone; the planet’s future is imperiled … Read More