Carbon Tax Positives

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The Gillard Government’s Clean Energy Future plan signifies that the game is up for the free rider’s polluting our planet. The Carbon Tax of $23 per tonne of carbon for July 1 2012 – June 30 2013 sends a clear message that polluters must pay. In this age of compromise politics, the industry lobbyists who seem to have won are … Read More

Resource Rents in the Eye of the Storm

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photo credit: versageek The might of the Australian mining industry is throwing everything it can at mainstream Australia at present. Can Joe 6 pack comprehend the difference between industry that is man-made ie car manufacturing, versus the mining industry, who are ripping up our valuable earth as if they scientifically produced the iron ore? Apparently, the Rudd Government is largely … Read More

Melanesian Land Issues interview

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photo credit: M0les Renegade Economists podcast Joel Simo from the Melanesian Land Defence Group visited Australia recently via an Aid Watch. Listen to his interview on the Renegades here… In discussion with Green Left Weekly Joel says: Customary land title represents the majority of land tenure in Fiji and Vanuatu and provides locals with food security. This security provides certainty … Read More

Pacific Resource Issues

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Read this innovative Helo Magazine interview. As a crisis journalism magazine, we were interviewed via a skype roundtable chat session: Part of the intro states: Can Pacific peoples bridge the world’s chasm between understanding cause and effect of climate change as well as coconut colonialism? Paradise, blue water, blue skies, abundant marine life, smiling faces, bible harmonies, simple lives, and … Read More

DJ Spooky on the Renegades

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Renegade Economists Podcast 130 As broadcast on the mighty 3CR – Wed March 03, 2010 Subscribe to the podcast Show Notes – ‘All Puns Intended’ Internationally acclaimed multimedia artist Paul Millar (DJ Spooky) discusses his Nauru Elegies project. Hear with interest how Nauru, the modern day equivalent of Easter Island, has overexploited its resource base. Neo-colonial resource stripping amidst poor … Read More