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Check our world leading economic research, proving that long term economic cycles are more important than the next dividend payment. These are unique research papers as Australia is one of only two countries in the world  (NZ is the other) that calculates total national land values.

We can finance government out of the naturally rising value of the earth and introduce greater economic stability at the same time.

Taxable Capacity of Australia’s Resources (PDF 900kb)
Possibly the best of recent reports, Terry Dwyer explains how Australia could finance tax cuts and provide international tax competition for labour and capital tax bases through higher fiscal contributions from land revenues.

Our Speculative Vacancies reports over the last 5 years outline the hidden supply of housing locked up by those incentivised by the tax system to chase capital gains rather than rental income. Why work at a tax rate of 37 – 45% when you can buy and sell real estate at a minimal tax rate with less effort?

Collapsing Economies
Director of the Land Values Research Group, Bryan Kavanagh, looks at long term economic trends, analysing the Kondratieff Wave with the following question in mind: what is the catalyst to economic downturns? The evidence is compelling.

Total Resource Rents: Australia
Tony O’Brien’s ground breaking research, simply showing that resource rents can provide the finance to allow the great tax shift from labour and onto resources. This is world leading evidence.

The Poverty Enquiry to End all Poverty Enquiries
Another masterpiece of Tony’s containing our most powerful graph (Figure 3, p15). Essential reading for those in the poverty industry. We have hardcopies available (only $2 plus postage) from the office

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