Melanesian Land Issues interview

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Renegade Economists podcast

Joel Simo from the Melanesian Land Defence Group visited Australia recently via an Aid Watch.

Listen to his interview on the Renegades here…

In discussion with Green Left Weekly Joel says:

Customary land title represents the majority of land tenure in Fiji and Vanuatu and provides locals with food security.

This security provides certainty in times of economic downturn. MILDA argues that during the global financial crisis of 2009, very few people in these communities went without food or housing because of their access to traditional land.

Sukot told GLW: “During the economic crisis, it was very difficult for people in the cash economy. In the traditional economy, everything is very much dependent on land.

“People are able to provide basics for themselves even in economic crisis. The traditional economy is about sharing. This is different to the economy in the US, where the economy is based on selling.


The Shepherd Island dancers were recorded at the 2008 Shepherd Alliance Party’s National Congress.

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