Earthsharing Australia is a Georgist organisation providing free education services in economics. Our teachings demonstrate the urgent need for the capture of the naturally rising value of the earth for public benefit. With the sharing of this natural wealth, we can reduce taxes on the makers, downsizing wealth gap pressures whilst curtailing the motivation to exploit our resources. This is the big picture reform needed to create the sustainable, walkable communities resiliant to the pressures of climate change.

We are a sister organisation to Prosper Australia. Earthsharing Australia represents the beliefs of those members interested in green issues. However, we still maintain we are a group from the radical centre, with the unearned incomes enjoyed by monopoly rights in land, minerals through to DNA and banking licenses providing the funding to cull taxes on productive work. We have the advantage of being able to talk to both businessmen (less taxes) and greens (resource efficiency).

With a system that taxes economic rents (unearned incomes) in place, genuine economic democracy is possible where freedom involves community interaction and self empowerment. Sovereignty over our resources and their values is the primary function of government in ‘governing the land’.

A great introduction is to watch our documentary Real Estate 4 Ransom:

Real Estate 4 Ransom from Real Estate 4 Ransom on Vimeo.

Many of our supporters are young people concerned about the looming twin disasters – the increasing wealth gap and the speed of climate change.

Three articles to build your understanding:
2014 SLF zine – an introductory piece full of cartoons and bite sized pieces (print 2 pages per page)
Roots Revolution – Steve Wall (1985)
Alanna Hartzok on the World Bank Land & Poverty conference
The glossary via Prosper Australia is very useful.

The Earthsharing website was one of the earliest Georgist websites online, set up in 1996 by Bryan Kavanagh of the Land Values Research Group.

Our logo was designed by Aysen Ozturk following a logo competition (circa 2004). Thanks Aysen!

To understand our movement’s long and proud history, read Prosper Australia’s About Us page

Current Projects:

Our main focus is reforming the tax system. We do this via public education such as the Renegade Economists radio show and government policy submissions.

Our most prominent efforts are in reforming vacancy statistics. The Speculative Vacancy reports have gained worldwide attention and continue to point to the latent supply of housing though our innovative water consumption methodology.

Earthsharing’s YouTube page:  view our updates on issues related to housing affordability, vacancy and tax reform. The documentary Real Estate 4 Ransom is our most prominent piece.

Earthsharing’s Flickr page – check out some of the photos of the team and our events.

Our facebook page is the most relevant page though, closely followed by twitter.

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  2. I have been a (podcast) fan of Renegade economists for many years, from the USA. I am not an economist, but your shows make sense to me, and I look forward to them each week. They tell me things we don’t hear in the US, and you have made me a fan of Dr. Michael Hudson who speaks with such common sense.

    Wanted to share this critique of Piketty’s book that you might want to share with your listeners, and enlighten us with your experts about how what it means to us, the non-economists (which you are so good at, Karl)

    I am referring to a critique of Piketty’s book done by Joe Firestone of New Economics Perspectives done 11-2-2014 (if the link is wrong).

    Keep up the good work. So glad we can hear you here, so far away.

    D. Greene

  3. Cheers Dani,
    that makes my day! Even alongside all the good press we have been getting for our latest report, which you will hear more of on next week’s show. That link to ole Bill Mitchell’s site didnt have a Piketty review that I could see. I hope to be hitting Detroit and will be looking for speaking gigs in interesting places if you can line anything up for me with the new economics movement (August 2015) cheers.

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