DJ Spooky on the Renegades

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Renegade Economists Podcast 130

As broadcast on the mighty 3CR – Wed March 03, 2010
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Show Notes – ‘All Puns Intended’
Internationally acclaimed multimedia artist Paul Millar (DJ Spooky) discusses his Nauru Elegies project. Hear with interest how Nauru, the modern day equivalent of Easter Island, has overexploited its resource base.

Neo-colonial resource stripping amidst poor economic policy have much to answer for.

The multimedia show touring the globe highlights: “Polyphonic issues including matters of ecology and raw material (phosphate), geo-political history, virtual-banking and economic corruption, global climate issues and information networks.

The interview, recorded on the Yarra River, features music from DJ Spooky’s new album, the Secret Song.

Download the interview (30mins)

2 Comments on “DJ Spooky on the Renegades”

  1. He certainly has a hefty geo-dossier! Kavanagh/ Hudson/ Putland are a good way to start.

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