The Stewardship Factor

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Renegade Economists Show 394

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Show Notes
Paraic Lallay ( discusses the challenge of communicating earth rights and economic rents to the mainstream. How can we harmoniser our morals with our economic behaviour? The Project also analyses the Australian bubble phenomenon. Is it a natural disaster?

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The quote that was almost read out:

“all men shave have equal free access to the opportunities of Nature, … because without such access to the sources of Nature the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is impossible.

All men cannot said to enjoy equal rights to life or liberty while some of them have to pay to the others for permission to use the soil, breathe the fresh air , or to bask in there light and sunshine.”

As quoted from Henry George, on tour in Australia, 1890, and referenced in Nature’s Gifts by John Pullen  – an absolute must read. I hope to have Mr Pullen on the show soon!

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