“The Tools of Sustainability” Tour Overview

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Frank De Jong – Tools of Sustainability Tour
July 13 – Aug 3
Melbourne – Sydney – Auckland – Full Tour Itinerary

Frank De Jong, leader of the Ontario Greens (Canada), will be touring to discuss and demonstrate the economic tools the planet so desperately needs. Frank has a long history of campaigning, having competed in 12 Canadian elections over 20 years. He is renowned in Canada for having coined the term ‘the invisible green hand’ of market forces.

Frank will bring to audiences a positive message on how we can stay ahead of the greenwashing brigade. What are the latest sustainability trends in the Northern Hemisphere? How can we lobby for more environmentally efficient economic policy? Isn’t that true conservatism?

Beyond economic theory, Frank loves getting his hands dirty, having led protests against the largest nuclear power station in North America (Darlington), been arrested in Northern Ontario’s old growth forests and cycled through much of Canada.

Frank is an engaging speaker, making economics easy to understand.

Unlocking the Riches to Oz – 15th June

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Unlocking the Riches of Oz – Fri June 15th, 7.15pm
The launch of Bryan Kavanagh’s (LVRG) groundbreaking report.


Unlocking the Riches of Oz – the Decision Makers presentation 10am, Thurs June 21st, Hardware Lane

A night of insight as Bryan takes us through his world leading statistics, analysing economic trends over the 34 years the report covers. Bryan is an experienced property valuer of 32 years. He is one of the world’s leading analysts on the inter-relationship between land and the economy. Did you know that Australia has probably the most accurate land value records in the world?

Economics for Activists

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A highly successful event, stay tuned for further courses

Tuesday evenings in May, 6.15pm – 8pm, starting May 1st
Location: Level One, 27 Hardware Lane, CBD – between Bourke & Little Bourke Sts 9670 2754

Ever wanted to read between the lines of the newspaper? Arm yourself with the tools of modern warfare as Karl Fitzgerald takes you through the key understandings required to ‘follow the money’.

    Topics covered:

  • Economic terminology – the basic framework
  • Economic History via: The Classical – Neo-Classical – Neo-Liberal dichotomy

Earth Rights Democracy Tour Overview

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Alanna Hartzok & Earth Rights for all

Over 12 talks and 450 plus people heard Alanna’s core message –

“We all have an equal right and a birth right to the Earth. The earth has a biological & ecological right to its future too. We are promoting a new form of property rights where what you build with your own hands, what you labour for, is your private property. You shouldn’t be taxed for something productive you are doing. What we are saying is that the gifts of nature, the land & natural resources of the earth belong to we the people. We all deserve a fair share of the profits from these natural gifts. This is a natural form of public finance policy”