The Recession We Could Have Avoided

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Presented by Dr Gavin Putland Thursday November 6th, 6.45pm As the panic sets in and discussions about a new financial framework at the Bretton Woods 2 meeting grow, Dr Putland will measure up the trends that continue to lead us into asset bubbles. What can be done to avoid them? What should the G20 countries be focusing on? What can … Read More

Economics for Activists 2008

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Short Course – 4 x Tuesdays starting Oct 14th* 6.15 – 8pm Following last year’s highly successful Economics for Activists series, Karl Fitzgerald (3CR – Renegade Economists) returns to provide these gold coin sessions. Investigate universal economic laws and how they influence our everyday lives as activists, advocates and solid citizens. Now more than ever activists and solid citizens alike … Read More

The True Cost of Food

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A kilogram of beef contains between 15,000 and 100,000 litres of embodied water. For every kilogram of wheat grown in Australia, seven kilograms of topsoil are lost. We give lip service to concerns about peak oil and greenhouse gases, yet our agricultural industry is utterly dependent on unsustainable quantities of polluting petrochemicals. There’s no reason why this insanity can’t be … Read More

Global Haywire Film Night

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The Comics of Economics
– featuring Ross Ashcroft
7pm, Thursday January 10th, Melbourne CBD


In need of some FREE comedy to get your year on the roll?

Start the year laughing at the tightrope we walk juggling our finances. Ever wondered why it’s so difficult? Internationally acclaimed comedian Ross Ashcroft will take the mickey out of the structural reasons for our trials and tribulations, helping us laugh at the big picture causes. Ever wanted to laugh at why the top 10% own 80% of the planet and how little we address this core issue?

Winter Film Night

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Winter Film Night Tuesday July 22nd at 6.45pm for 7pm sharp, Level 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melb Join us for a warm night of films! See the premiere of the Earthsharing Challenge film Who Owns Anglesea, giving a Georgist perspective upon the problems society faces. The focus was on housing affordability and how this effects the seaside town of Anglesea. … Read More