Economics for Activists 2008

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Short Course – 4 x Tuesdays starting Oct 14th*
6.15 – 8pm

Following last year’s highly successful Economics for Activists series, Karl Fitzgerald (3CR – Renegade Economists) returns to provide these gold coin sessions.

Investigate universal economic laws and how they influence our everyday lives as activists, advocates and solid citizens. Now more than ever activists and solid citizens alike need to know the principles guiding the behaviour of the big boys. We will join the dots so we can keep up.

The ins & outs of the bankers bailout, carbon trading, housing affordability, WTO/ IMF and resource speculation will be covered over the 4 sessions.

The first session is the most important. If you miss another session that is understandable, but we will be building on the first session’s knowledgebase throughout the course.

Registration essential
Gold coins will cover nibbles, drinks
Level 1/ 27 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

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Last year’s event

* we will have Melb Cup night off, with the last session on Tues Nov 11th

6 Comments on “Economics for Activists 2008”

  1. Argh, I just missed out — I only stumbled across this website today.

    Is there any chance of a repeat course?
    Or perhaps publishing the course content?

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