Economics for Activists

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A highly successful event, stay tuned for further courses

Tuesday evenings in May, 6.15pm – 8pm, starting May 1st
Location: Level One, 27 Hardware Lane, CBD – between Bourke & Little Bourke Sts 9670 2754

Ever wanted to read between the lines of the newspaper? Arm yourself with the tools of modern warfare as Karl Fitzgerald takes you through the key understandings required to ‘follow the money’.

    Topics covered:

  • Economic terminology – the basic framework
  • Economic History via: The Classical – Neo-Classical – Neo-Liberal dichotomy
  • Wealth gap – why is it expanding?
  • Climate change – can economics address it?
  • Housing Affordability – why are we paying so much and what can we do about it?
  • International perspective – WTO/IMF

Interactive games and multimedia footage will complement the learning in an attempt to keep the sessions as upbeat and interactive as possible.

Ask yourself why we have it drilled into us that economics is ‘the dismal science’? If we spend our entire life chasing the ‘elusive dollar’ then it makes sense to understand the rules to that game.

The first session is the most important. If you miss another session that is understandable, but we will be building on the first session’s knowledgebase throughout the course.

Cost: Gold coin donation appreciated

Bookings essential

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