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Renegade Economists Show 483

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Show Notes
As usual, we’re on the edge of some of the most interesting research on the planet, particularly as you stare at your four walls to consider where you are in life 😉 Prof David Wachsmuth takes us through his recent research on the impact of Air BnB and the gentrification forces it’s unleashed. Just how much extra rent can you earn via Air BnB compared to standard rentals? Where are the greatest profits? Aha you guessed it – on the edge of culture.

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We didn’t quite get onto this Tear Down Index, but I suspect this 10% RBV (Relative Building Value) is another way to measure the rent gap.
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Interested in mega-regions and how a new form of competitive regionalism is driving city-wide change? Read David’s work on this new frontier of urban analysis in Infrastructure Alliances: Supply-Chain Expansion and Multi-City Growth Coalitions.

Ok watch out next week we have a huge international guest on the show – the UN Special Rapporteur for Housing, Leilani Fahar. Do some research here.

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