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Renegade Economists Show 442

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Show Notes
Million Dollar No Show – Karl runs through the property lobby’s latest scaremongering campaign with the help of The Project, Catherine Cashmore (Prosper Australia), Cassandra Goldie (ACOSS) and Innes Wilcox (Industry Australia Group).

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Predictable #REIA scare campaign masks the public interest in the misinformation of vested interests #lobbyocracy

When is small biz to recognise higher property prices evaporate consumer demand?
Rents killing small businesses.

record low wage growth = dwindling size of small business. Too much invested in unproductive real estate debt rather than jobs #ausecon

record low wage growth vis record high property prices = a recipe for change – who are rising property prices good for? #ausvotes

Opinion polls show #auspol believe NG reform needed RT @auspropertyscam: The #negativegearing lie that won’t die

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