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Renegade Economists Show 419

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Show Notes
Mary Rose Liverani, author of ‘Sicily, a Captive Land’ joins to discuss the relationship between the Catholic Church and mafia in Sicily, then onto the land reform zest in Scotland.

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“The fact that 750,000 acres of Scotland will still be held in tax havens by a global, untraceable elite, is inexcusable.” Jen Stout, Scottish Land Action

Nicky Lowden MacCrimmon SNP at the Our Land conference

“This motion talks about a road to radical land reform and I don’t think as a party we can say we’re being as radical as we can be, as we should be and as we have the powers to be right now.

I cannot support the motion wholly as I and many other grassroots members of the SNP believe that our vision for land reform is not radical enough and that we’ve not had an opportunity to debate that as a party and think where are we going to go with land reform.”

“Does radical land reform leave tenant farmers with no right to buy, no security of tenure – farmers who have invested in that land, worked that land for generations, who have kids in the local school, who contribute to local economies being told your tenancy’s up, find somewhere else to live, work, raise a family. No it doesn’t and we have the power to change that now.

And what about some of the gems Mary Rose dropped?!!

“the logic is unassailable ….land is the best treat. Land ownerships sees people drop to their knees in deference, it make a lot more impact on lives than shares.”

Steve Wall was a Scottish Georgist who penned this key article in 1985 – An entrance fee to life on earth. If anyone knows of Steve and can unfurl more of his descriptive prose, let me know!

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