Van Badham – Digital Literacy meets Political Madness

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Renegade Economists Show #369

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Show Notes
Guardian journalist Van Badham joins to discuss the political landscape in this fast fast digital era. She gives an overview of the neo-liberal agenda amidst the Australian yearning for a fair go. How are our representatives adapting?

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Regarding the Hide the Bubble show image above, this show was pre-recorded before the horrid Liberal Party announcement to privatise the Victorian Land Titles office. This austerity type measure is using the planned obsolescence of the tax system to justify privatising the pillars of democracy.

A global neo-liberal trend, we are very concerned about the rentier agenda to mask over the bubble in yet another way. Privatisation will make our job that much more expensive in researching land costs in this speculative era. Read our Prosper press release on the core government function that is Land Titling.

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