Monash rates proposal flops in Tasmania, rankles in WA

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photo credit: ChicagoGeek Dr Gavin Putland As Monash City Council tries to manufacture consent to tax buildings through council rates, the same idea looks set to be dumped in Tasmania and has just been pilloried in the local press in WA. Strictly speaking, the systems under attack in Tasmania and WA are based on the rental value of the property, … Read More

Let infrastructure pay for itself!

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photo credit: dsearls Gavin R. Putland Everybody wins when we tax the benefits of infrastructure to cover the costs DON RILEY owned properties near two stations on a new section of London’s underground Jubilee Line. The rise in the value of his properties outweighed all the tax he paid in the previous 40 years. In his book, TAKEN FOR A … Read More

The Recession We Could Have Avoided

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Presented by Dr Gavin Putland Thursday November 6th, 6.45pm As the panic sets in and discussions about a new financial framework at the Bretton Woods 2 meeting grow, Dr Putland will measure up the trends that continue to lead us into asset bubbles. What can be done to avoid them? What should the G20 countries be focusing on? What can … Read More