Are We Paying Too Much for the Great Australian Dream?

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photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography Adam Schwab from Crikey: In one of the more remarkable occurrences, residential property, despite macroeconomic indicators to the contrary, has been an incredibly resilient asset class this year. In fact, the “affordable” sector of the property market is trading at record high levels, while auction clearance rates in major cities remain above 70 percent (in … Read More

FHOG Goes International ;(

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photo credit: Hamed Parham The First Home Owners Grant nightmare continues, with elements of it borrowed and extended by the American HUD. Young US home dreamers will suffer like we have: Two new applications of the federal tax incentive for first time homebuyers – allowing them to use the $8,000 credit for down payments and on land contracts -will allow … Read More

Swan wimps out to property lobby

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With all the promise of a tough budget, the biggest concern is the limp wristed, white flag response to the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG). Rudd’s recent mention that’ the FHOG won’t go on forever’ must have seen some furious lobbying in the halls of power by the Ron Silverberg’s (HIA) of the property lobby. Last night we learned that … Read More

FHOG Sucker Punches Gen X/Y

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photo credit: bjornmeansbear With climate change forging into our conscience day by day, how are Gen X,Y & Z to feel when they realise they have been ripped off like no other generation before? The increase in the First Home Owners Grant saw nearly 13,000 youngsters manipulated into buying at the top end of the property cycle in January alone. … Read More