Rudd’s Carbon Cop Out

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Still in shock at the ALP’s audacious handout to the nation’s biggest polluters, we thought it time to broach a few of the details hidden within the 824 page Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) White Paper. Billions of dollars of the commons is proposed to be given away by the climate scheme. Permanent and inalienable carbon permits will be handed … Read More

Compromise Kev on Climate Change

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photo credit: net_efekt Yesterday’s long awaited emissions trading white paper has left the future of the planet compromised. The compromises on the 5% cut to greenhouse emissions typifies a government torn between lobbyists feathering their nests and the public’s wrestling of the issues via the omnipresent public opinion polls. The trade-offs have been so extensive that no one is happy. … Read More

Garnaut’s Limitations

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Following the release of this week’s Garnaut report on climate change, much has been made of the exemptions smokestack industries are lining up for. Another handy diversion is the debate over whether India and China wll be involved in any emissions trading system (ETS). Who put the carbon into the atmosphere in the first place? Both are wedge issues that … Read More