The future of carbon trading

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Renegade Economists Show #276 Listen to the show Subscribe to the podcast Recorded live at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne this week Nic Francis Gilley CEO of Cool NRG discusses the markets role in the fight against global warming. Gilley’s company installs free energy efficient light globes in homes from Melbourne to Mexico, reducing carbons emissions by millions of … Read More

Carbon Tax Positives

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The Gillard Government’s Clean Energy Future plan signifies that the game is up for the free rider’s polluting our planet. The Carbon Tax of $23 per tonne of carbon for July 1 2012 – June 30 2013 sends a clear message that polluters must pay. In this age of compromise politics, the industry lobbyists who seem to have won are … Read More

CPRS – Good Riddance

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photo credit: Martyn Hutchby I wrote this awhile back and never sent it into the ether. Now that Rudd has put the CPRS on the backburner until 2013 (pls bring in the Carbon Tax asap), let’s have a look at why so many were against it. CPRS= Corporate Polluters Runaway Subsidy With the heat on the CPRS we shine the … Read More

Free Trash of Freeport

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Renegade Economists Podcast 108 As broadcast on 30/09/09. Subscribe to the podcast. Free Trash of Freeport: We finish off our climate friendly policy overview, then interview Nick Chesterfield (Manukoreri) and Nicholas Taylor (Outcrop) to discuss the immense wealth and destruction flowing from West Papua’s $40bn Freeport mine. Photo – Freeport’s tailings, thanks SkyTruth. Key Articles: Red River: The blacklisting … Read More

PNG Carbon Goldmine Concern

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photo credit: backpackphotography Today’s Age report on Carbon Cowboys Riding High THE Australian at the heart of Papua New Guinea’s carbon trading rush is entrepreneur and racing identity Kirk Roberts, who is believed to have convinced many tribal groups to sign their rainforests up for future use as carbon credits. Mr Roberts, who runs his carbon operations through a company … Read More