Who are we?

No, we are not communists, or socialist or for that matter based on any current popular theory. We are the young version of an old idea. Simply students looking to raise awareness of the alternative, a new perspective, the geoist way of thinking (Geo – meaning land).

What are we doing?

We are promoting discussion in the understanding of the importance of natural resources – our survival depends on them. Our major project has been the Earthsharing Challenge Camp. Check out the photos! We run workshops, contact lecturers and talk to University staff and students about the importance of land and the need for it to be taken out of the speculative/ consumerist system. Once studied in detail you will see this system is a very direct way of ensuring economic change that benefits both the left AND right of the political / economic spectrum.

What can you do?

Read this website in detail, attend our workshops and email any questions. We offer a trial subscription for our magazine “Progress”. Talk to others about this alternative system, discuss Geoist theories and by all means, help us at events. The greatest challenge is to re-align your mind to ‘look outside the square’.

Contact our student promotions team:

Latrobe University: Mia Stewart Victoria University: Emily Blyth

Email: students@earthsharing.org.au

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