The Earthsharing Challenge Camp Take 2

The 2007 Earthsharing Challenge teaser clip

(53 seconds)


The coastal town of Anglesea hosted a team of young film-makers for the second time over the weekend of October 12 -14. These energetic, environmentally curious youngsters were armed with a video camera, locally delivered knowledge and a challenge to document Anglesea’s environmental issues.

We stayed at Angahook Holiday camp nestled on 10 acres of beautiful bush and close to stunning surfcoast beaches.

The weekend was again a huge success with many new friendships, skills and adventures shared.

What Happened on the Camp?

The weekend involved a tour of Anglesea’s environmentally significant sites and people. The issues included housing, urban sprawl and community.

The youth initiative is free for student participants and made possible through the support of the Anglesea community, the Foundation for Young Australians and Prosper Australia.

What About After the Camp?

The footage filmed will be compiled into a youth documentary for the young participants to take back to their schools and for teachers to use as an educational resource. The film will be released in early 2008.

Opportunities for the film to be placed in competitions and shown across Victoria will also be explored. Watch the 2006 film here

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