True Cost Economics Links:

  • A Green Tax Shift Policy Approach To Financing Local-To-Global Public Goods by the GLTN’s Alanna Hartzok
  • Articles by leading thinker Peter Barnes, whose new book – Capitalism 3.0 – is a must read
  • Sky Trust; Who Owns the Sky? Real Carbon Trading. Learn about a Citizen’s Dividend from pollution permits. Check their links.
  • Personal carbon allowances by the former UK Secretary of State for the Environment, David Miliband; discussing the evolution towards True Costs.
  • The Geonomy Society. A key quarterly newsletter crammed full of rare environmental factors and success stories from around the world. Make sure you subscribe.
  • Green Tax Shift Headquarters The Banneker Centre in the US is a leading think tank on the Green Tax Shift agenda.
  • True Cost Economics Canada’s Adbusters magazine is consistently promoting the TCE concept.

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