Day 48_ educate youth_empower communities through radio!
Creative Commons License photo credit: frerieke

Please read Leo Foley’s excellent explanation of CLT’s.

On the good news front, we’re collecting email addresses for those interested in setting up a CLT in their community. With land prices destined to plummet over the next 18 months or so, we already have about half a dozen people interested in setting one up in Melbourne when the time is right. Email earth at earthsharing dot org dot au for more.

Why are foreclosures 1/30th of the rate in CLT’s compared to traditional land owners? If this gets you excited….

For those in Sydney, academic Dr Louise Crabtree is touring Dr John Emmeus Davis (USA) in the second half of March 2009. His presentation is entitled CLT’s: best practice, permanently affordable housing and community governance. Download the flyer.

We’re working around the clock on too many projects. The paper promised to Ethical Investor readers will be available soon. See you at the Sustainable Living Festival this weekend!

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