Thanks to all the open source artists who contributed to the project. We salute you! The commons can enrich all our lives!!!!


David Spain & Karl Fitzgerald


Nicky Pastore

Executive Producers

Karl Fitzgerald and Mia Stewart


Earthsharing Australia


Flags of the World SteelyD

Harbour and boats from Overlander TV – Sydney by Day, Harbour Cruise and Fish Market

Sydney buildings from
Men at work clip Centron Productions, Prelinger Archives “Shake Hands With Danger (ca. 1970’s)”
Riots/Flame holder –
Poverty-sleeping on streets –
Fat landlord on Earth Comic – Land & Liberty Magazine (UK – 1913)
Transaction Beppie K –
Poverty image –
Silhouette over vacant land – Stephen Paul Morrison Design


Track 1 – Misled Children – Untitled #7 –
Track 2 – Dabrye – Truffle No Shuffle –

AUDIO: Suburbia from soundsnap

Children Play – Justsound_girl –
Ka-ching money noise “Cash Register: Close Drawer”


The Children need the Earth for playing – American Documentary Film, Inc. Prelinger Archives “The City Part 11” (1939)


Stephen Paul Morrison & Mia Stewart.

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