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  1. “A man cannot produce anything without the co-operation of original nature-given factors. … He cannot form products purely out of his labor alone; he must mix his labor with original nature-given factors.” Murray Rothbard, 1963.

    In other words, if you take away property rights in land or other factors so that it all belongs to the State, citizens will be left with nothing but destitution and ultimately starvation.

    The core problem as I see it is the common law sanctioned power of governments and banks to counterfeit money; a right that is denied individuals and hence too should be denied the State. It is this that is at the core of the boom bust cycle.

  2. Hi Ross,
    If you owned all the money in the world and I all the land , how much would I charge you for your first night’s rent?

    As Churchill once said, ‘land is the mother of all monopolies’. However, we agree, monetary reform is very important. We do not advocate the removal of property rights. One maintains their rights for as long as they are willing to pay the market based land rent to the state in lieu of other taxes. Its a choice – would you like to pay interest on the land component (supposedly a gift to all living beings) over 25 years or use a similar payment stream to fund the abolition of the 126 taxes we have in Australia?

    Land tax is in effect a counterweight to mortgage debt. Unfortunately Murray Rothbard failed to grasp the essence of georgism, as outlined in this piece.

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