Real Estate 4 Ransom recognition

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One of the world’s leading online film portals, Films for Action, has adjudged Real Estate 4 Ransom at #2 for documentaries in 2012. This ranked above Just Do It and 97% Owned. They say:

Tapping into independent media and the independent films below, though, and it’s clear that we’re living during the beginnings of what many believe is the greatest renaissance of world systems we’ve ever known.

Here then, is Films For Action’s top 20 social change inspiring documentaries of 2012, most of which have been generously made available to watch free online by the film-makers.

Over 54,000 people have seen the film in its 9 months online. In terms of inspiring change, the film re-kindles the people’s understanding that those who own the earth have an unnatural advantage over anyone running a business or earning a wage. If haven’t yet seen the 40 minute film, set yourself for a fast ride.

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