Neil Chenoweth on Obeid & Murdoch espionage

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Renegade Economists podcast #263

As recorded on 3CR, Wednesday Nov 21st, 2012.

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Obeid & Murdoch’s Corporate Espionage: One of Australia’s leading investigative journalists – Neil Chenoweth – is this week’s guest. Neil has just released his latest book, Murdoch’s Pirates, and is widely regarded as a driving force behind the Murdoch phone hacking story revealed earlier this year.

We start by focusing on the latest corruption issues in the NSW land game with the Eddie Obeid scandal. In the 2nd half we move onto Murdoch’s pirate TV hacking scandal – surely a huge story in times to come.

During the show I mention the pressures for privatisation could be avoided if the public was allowed to share in the windfall gains Obeid pursued with such deception. This can be done by Land Value Capture, which was hinted at in John Legge’s exciting piece on public transport funding this week. This mechanism is more widely discussed here.

When the Pay TV scandal broke, I wrote in Trusting the Murdocracy:
“The same Rupert Murdoch who was so threatened by the internet and the free provision of his news services found it fair practice to condone or create a corporate atmosphere where such espionage inherent in hacking his competitors encryption codes was acceptable. To then offer his competitor’s content for free to undermine revenues, enabling him to buy up these companies to entrench his monopoly simply beggars belief. Then he resorts to twitter to attack his critics as trying to defend their monopolies? ”

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