Negative Gearing 92% Ineffective

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Negative Gearing 92% Ineffective from Real Estate 4 Ransom on Vimeo.

Renegade Economists Podcast 257

As broadcast on 3CR, Wed Oct 3rd.

The Name of the Game: Philip Soos answers questions from the floor at the Negative Gearing report release. Karl talks about economics as if location matters.

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From Philip’s report:

In 1993-94 there were 980,471 investors, with just (51%) negatively geared. The number of investors increased to 1,751,679 in 2009-10, a significant rise of 79%, with 640,757 positively geared and 1,110,922 negatively geared. This is a remarkable increase of negatively geared investors compared to those who are positively geared. The number of negatively geared investors increased by 122% over this period, while those positively geared increased only 33%. The trend shows that negative gearing is becoming central to residential property investment.

The report was written up on News

Philip also had a piece at The Conversation – It’s Time to Abolish Negative Gearing

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