If you owned all the money in the world…

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That was the statement Red Symons of ABC breakfast radio ran as a lead in to our 6.45am discussion this morning. It is also the opening line in the film, attempting to settle those who blame banking and the money system for everything.

Listen to the interview with Red promoting our debut documentary Real Estate 4 Ransom.

Tickets are available at ACMI for the preview screening of Real Estate 4 Ransom this Wednesday at 7pm. A short Q & A will follow with myself and Co-Director Gavin Emmanuel.

Check our R4R facebook group or twitter for more.

2 Comments on “If you owned all the money in the world…”

  1. I really want to see the movie but will miss the show in Melbourne. Will there be anywhere on line to get it?

  2. cheers Emma,
    we are working on other screenings in Melbs. Join the facebook group for more regular updates.

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