Steve Keen: To Bubble or Not to Bubble

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Renegade Economists Podcast 178

As broadcast on the almighty 3CR, Wed 20th April, 2011.

Renowned Australian economist and debt skeptic Steve Keen discusses the changing state of the Australian housing market. Why do some say we are not in a bubble? Dont Buy Now!

Some of the topics discussed can be found in Steve’s articles:
This Time Had Better Be Different Pt 1
This Time Had Better Be Different Pt 2

Listen to Steve Keen (about 10 mins in)

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2 Comments on “Steve Keen: To Bubble or Not to Bubble”

  1. At least I have made a try at delivering affordable housing proper and taking it up to government with an application

  2. Well done Dallas on shaking the democratic tree. What was your perspective on affordable housing vis all of the hard work Steve Keen has done?

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